“We heard by word of mouth about Siglo Suites and how it has helped the unit owners of Century Properties. After just one month with Siglo, we can attest that our decision was correct. Actually, when we saw the profits on the first few months, which was higher thatn what we expected, we started recommending to our friends who are also unit owners at Gramercy Residences. We won't stop recommending to our friends because it's one of the best business decisions we have made so far.”

Siglo Partner since 2018

“When I partnered with Siglo, I saw great results. My unit at the Azure Urban Resort Residences got more bookings and earned more revenue. They also handle my bills so I don’t miss any due dates. They constantly inform me if there’s any issue with my unit and they do their very best to resolve it as soon as possible. Not many businesses do that. They value both the unit owners and our guests.

I highly recommend Siglo Suites to unit owners. This will make your life easier - Siglo will do it all for you. ”

Siglo Partner since 2017

“Partnering with Siglo is a wise decision. I have turned my investment into a profitable venture. It lifted the burden of maintaining a property while giving me additional revenue. Siglo has a full circle service from bookings to maintenance of the unit. I do not worry about the unit as I know it is in good hands of professional people. I even recommended it to my mom who has a unit in Gramercy Residences and just like me, we are continuing the partnership this year.

Partnering with Siglo is a good choice if you want to turn your investment into a profitable channel.”

Siglo Partner since 2017

“Having the builder and the property management company being part of the same organization was a plus to me.

It was extremely difficult for me, being in the US, to oversee the furnishing of my unit to make it lease- ready quickly. Siglo allowed us to choose from an a la carte menu that included appliances to furniture to little things like a hair dryer and an ironing board! Siglo was responsible for it all! In addition, Siglo, provided me with the services of an interior decorator who helped us make it an attractive and prestigious rental property. Siglo employees would also respond to the smallest of our inquiries immediately, even in the middle of the night, Philippine time.

If you are looking for a hassle-free partner who focuses on making your interest a priority, Siglo should be top on your list!”

Siglo Partner since 2016

“Partnering with Siglo Suites for my Knightsbridge Residences unit established a reliable source of rental income for my unit, which helps maintain my unit and ensures a higher resale value.

I was initially hesitant about partnering with Siglo Suites because I lacked confidence in the condotel business in general. Partnering with Siglo changed my mind because of the improvement in rental revenue that resulted from the effort and dedication of the Siglo management and staff.

I will definitely recommend it to anyone since I consider myself to be one happy and satisfied unit owner.”

Siglo Partner since 2015