We answer your top concerns. If you still have questions, feel free to email or call us for more information.

  1. What is Siglo Suites?
    SIGLO Suites is the professional leasing and asset management arm of Century Properties. Conceptualized and developed to help unit owners manage their units effectively.
  2. What are the services Siglo Suites offers?
    Siglo Suites Prestige service offers daily (Short-Term), monthly (Monthly Serviced Apartments) and yearly (Long-Term) leasing services in order to maximize the lease potential of your unit.

    Aside from leasing services, our Prestige units owners are provided with the following services:

    • Assistance in renovation and fit out of units
    • Management and listing of properties on various online and offline marketing platforms
    • Full unit reservations management
    • Professional housekeeping services
    • Unit Preventive Maintenance with certified technicians
    • CMAP background checks on prospective long term tenants
    • Periodic Unit Inspection
    • Drafting, ratification, and filing of leasing documents
    • On-call Tenant- / Owner-paid repairs and maintenace
    • Payment of Association Dues, Utilities, and Real Property Taxes
    • Emptying of mailbox, and storage of mail up to 6 months
  3. What annual return can I expect and is there a guarantee?
    While we are unable to offer unit owners a guaranteed return we expect the program to perform well, given the current growth in tourism and business in the Philippines.
  4. Should our units be fully furnished?
    In order to maximize the salability and market positioning of the units and ensure consistent standard and room rates across all unit types, it is required that all units meet the basic unit requirements and are always in the best possible condition.

    • Linen Pack
    • Bathroom Pack
    • Entertainment Pack
    • Laundry Pack
    • Bedroom Pack
    • Kitchen Pack

    * Linen and Bathroom packages are mandatory to be purchased from Siglo.
  5. Who will pay for our utilities Water, electricity consumption, cable TV, etc.)?
    For Condotel and Monthly Serviced Apartments, SIGLO Suites Management will pay for the utilities on behalf of the unit owners. This will be deducted accordingly to the unit owner’s revenue income.

    For Long Term Leasing, tenant will shoulder the utility expenses unless otherwise stipulated in the Lease contract.
  6. How long is the contract period for SIGLO PRESTIGE SERVICE?
    The contract period for this service is 12 months and is automatically renewed with a corresponding renewal fee.
  7. What if someone stays in my unit and breaks items and causes damage?
    The security deposit with each reservation will allow us to charge guests/tenants for damages, should any be incurred during their stay. It is highly recommended that individual unit owners take additional Insurance Coverage for all their belongings in their respective units.
  8. What are the fees should I expect to be deducted from my revenue?
    For Condotel and Monthly Serviced Apartments, every booking incurs Admin Fee, Housekeeping, Laundry charges.

    For Long Term Leasing, a service fee of 2 months gross rent will be collected for every year lease closed. For Prestige registrants, a discounted rate of 1 month service fee is collected.
  9. What are the requirements if I enroll my unit with SIGLO SUITES?
    • Accomplished Registration & Bank Account Info Form
    • CCT or Certificate of Unit Acceptance
    • Unit Keys and Access Card (if applicable)
    • Government issued Valid ID
    • Special Power of Attorney (if applicable)
    • Accomplished Enhancement Package
    • Signed Siglo Service Agreement
    • Paid Registration Fee and Mandatory Packages for Prestige registrants
  10. Why should I avail of your service when I can save money and handle leasing on my own?
    The first reason is security. You pay minimal cost on registration and enhancement package yet gain maximum reliability with our professional service, being the only DOT-accredited Asset Management company in the Philippines.

    The second reason is convenience. If you are availing a Prestige package, this frees you up from the hassles of doing check in, inspections, and arranging for your own housekeeping and maintenance by yourself.